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passion snake strain

Honey Sticks Genetics was born in 2013 with the creation of their first strain Ghostex. Our owner and founder, Randy, was seeing a lot of the same strains in gardens across New England and saw this as an opportunity. He saw an opening in the market for introducing new strains, and he seized this opportunity by creating and marketing his own.

Since then, the company has grown and evolved into what it is today. Honey Sticks has created countless other strains the past decade and is always on the hunt for the next great strain. We take years researching and perfecting each strain that we put on the market. This starts with breeding different strains in hopes of finding something new and exciting to flower. We use our facilities to pheno hunt and work on finding the best version of each new strain. Sometimes our customers and trusted friends get opportunities to help us in this process. Through extensive growing, culling, and testing, we finally are able to release our new varieties to our consumers.

Our goal is to help you be a strong competitor in the vast sea of cannabis growers by giving you the next great strain on the market. 

We don’t want to see our strains in every garden, we only want to see our strains in the best gardens.


Opportunities to have new and exclusive strains are available.



We strive to create new strains to keep the high end consumer happy. Our strains are some of the best and most sought-out in the industry.


Our strong IPM regiment and careful scouting routines ensure “clean” clones to our customers.


We help our customers cut out the lengthy vegetation process by purchasing our clones, helping them save time, space, and money.

bananaconda strain
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