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How often do you drop new strains?

Usually we release about 4-5 different strains per year, if we release a strain it has been hunted, grown, tested, and grown again before it’s release to the public.

Do you have exclusive cuts available?

Many of our strains in the $5,000 range only make it to a handful of gardens in Maine. We do offer yearly contracts on new strains but because a new strain will take us upwards of a year to make this can be pretty pricey.

How to order?

Submit the form on the Contact Us page and we will reach out with more information.

How long does it take to place an order?

We usually have a pretty large selection of clones that are ready to go, however if you are looking to place a specific order we require about two weeks for those clones to root (assuming that the mum we have is big enough to cut that quantity).

Do your clones come rooted?

Yes, we offer rooted clones in Rockwool plugs. We also offer the option of picking up fresh snips so the customer can bring them home and place them in an easy cloner.

Do prices ever drop?

Like fashion, last years strains usually drop in value, so when new stuff comes out we try to drop prices on older strains.  We realize prices are high, but we aim to be in the top tier gardens in the country. Having a strain in every grow out there devalues a strain.

What is your IPM?

We use Lost Coast plan therapy, along with Athena’s IPM, and power si control on a rotating schedule.  We also use high powered scopes multiple times per week to search for pests or any signs of them.

Do you test for viroids? Specifically HLV

We are constantly sending new samples out to other Nova labs in Portland Maine or to Pheno express in Saugus Massachusetts.


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